• The Denmark Historical Society has an extensive collection of newspaper cuttings and paper documents.  New items are collected regularly, scanned, indexed and are currently being added to the Collections Mosaic Database.  The hard copies are stored in metal cabinets by family surname with family notes, and by subjects – Aboriginals, community groups,  agriculture, commerce, boats/boating, buildings, churches/religion, crime, Denmark history, disasters/accidents, environment, exploration, farming, fires, fishing, small maps, Municipal Heritage Inventory, music, National Parks, place names, places, schools, buildings, rainfall, Shire/Road Board, sport, wildlife, transport, community utilities, windfarm, wine industry, youth.

    Copies of the Denmark Post
    1949 – 1964
    Denmark Bulletin
    1970 – current
    Denmark Hospital Admissions Register
    1922 – 1951

    Pioneer Index

    The Denmark Historical Society is currently compiling a Pioneer Index of Denmark residents, pre-1960. Depending on the availability of information, the index will show: the person’s name, birth and death dates; their profession; country of origin; parent’s names; when they came to Australia and on which ship; where they settled; and children of the marriage and descendants, if known.

    If you are a descendant of a Denmark person pre-1960, the Society would welcome any additional information that we can add to our Pioneer Index.

    Vital Records

    Records of births, baptisms 1901 – 1934, deaths, marriages, obituaries A-Z.