• The Old Police Station – Now The Denmark Historical Museum

    During Denmark’s early years, police visited from Albany, until Constable P D Johns was made Officer in Charge in 1911. He had a small office near the Denmark River in 1912, but this police service was soon discontinued and the town went back to being served by Albany Police.

    As the population of Denmark grew, partly due to the Group Settlement Scheme, the Government decided that a permanent Police presence was needed. A newly built Denmark Police Station, a house for the Officer in Charge, a lockup and stables were opened on 26th June 1923, by Constable F Cook.

    This Police Station operated continuously until 1985, when the new brick Police Station and quarters were built. The old Police quarters were sold and removed and the stables had gone many years before.

    The old Police Station and Lockup was due for demolition, but at the instigation of the Denmark Historical Society, the Denmark Shire Council successfully applied for the old Police Station and Lockup to be vested in the Shire for Museum purposes.

    Visiting the Museum

    The Museum is open to visitors during the afternoons of every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 2pm to 4pm, and every Thursday morning from 10am until Noon. It is also open at other times depending on the season.

    By telephoning (evenings) arrangements can be made to open at other times convenient to the visitor.

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