• The Story of Kentdale

    Pictures and recollections of a Group 110 settler Henworth Poyser

    Henworth Poyser (2018), 22pp.

    Available from: Denmark Museum


    A photographic record of the development of the region west of Denmark known as Group 110, where 20 families settled under the Western Australian government’s Group Settlement Scheme in the 1920’s. The Poyser family was one of these early pioneering families arriving in 1924 and set the task of clearing karri forest to establish a diary farming region in what is now called Kentdale. As a child, Henworth Poyser arrived when he was only 4 years old and over the next 11 years, growing up on the family farm left him with fond memories which he complied during his early 20’s into this collection of treasured photographs.

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